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Scene 4

Scene is a tall, thin paperback book, filled with wonderful pictures of Sarah. It can be found at various record stores, and various bookstores. People usually try to sell it for way too much money on auction sites like ebay. It retails for about $5.95, and it's well worth it.

cand2.jpg 95k, lesser-known shot from the candelabra session
cand2-c.jpg 93k, closeup of above, very intoxicating

s4-xp2.jpg nice picture from the Scream 2 Premiere

s4-amc2.jpg Sarah with 2 AMC co-stars, I'd swear she's wearing glass slippers

scene4-3.jpg An almost bashful look from Sarah

s4-1997.jpg 1997 picture

s4-flanl.jpg 106k, Sarah as a brunnette in flannel, not sure of date

emmy2.jpg an even better shot of Sarah with her Emmy

s4-sense.jpg Buffy using her senses to guide her (revised)

s4-amc1.jpg great portrait of Sarah as Kendall Hart on AMC (revised)

mummy.jpg 91k, Sarah in what she has referred to as her "inca mummy girl" dress

folded-s.jpg 17k, small picture of Sarah with her arms folded

ah-smg1.jpg 140k, with Alyson Hannigan

s2-prem.jpg 83k, at Scream 2 premiere

vampyr.jpg 215k, the classic Buffy/Giles picture with the Vampyr book (left red on purpose)