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Here's the Newest Pictures (May 27 Update) Thanks Janna!

This new section includes scans from Soap magazines that featured Sarah during 1993-1995, her years on All My Children. During this time Sarah received two Emmy nominations for her performances, and won in 1995. Content in this new section will be added over the course of the summer.

Thumbnails are named so that you know which magazine each came from, and on what page it was.
An example is: sow110993p3.jpg

sow = Soap Opera Weekly,
110993 = November 9, 1993
p3 = page 3

Many thanks go out to Janna Longworth for her donations of scans from Sarah's AMC days.
You can see them all here in the May 27 Update Thumbnails page. Thanks to Pete for the first picture of her at a fan event.

Thanks to Pete, who loaned a large set of clippings to be scanned for the site. Since many of them don't have attached information about where they came from, I've made a:

thumbnail page of the March 6, 2001 update

which includes 15 pieces from Pete's collection, among other things.

Many thanks to STANG, who donated most of the items below.

Soap Opera Update, 12/27/94 sharing the cover with Rudolph Martin, with a nice inside spread

Soap Opera Weekly, 08/31/93 with a long article on Sarah and many pictures

Soap Opera Weekly, 11/09/93

Daytime TV (Soap Opera Special), 10/93

Soap Opera Digest, 10/12/93

Soap Opera Digest, 07/06/93