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Open Letter to Visitors of
the SMG Printable Gallery

Thanks for visiting this site, which first launched in June of 1998. Big changes have happened, and I have a new site, (, which is larger and has a lot more fan-oriented content.

Even more exciting: me and a partner have just acquired, the LARGEST, OLDEST, most heavily-trafficked Sarah Michelle Gellar site on the internet. Currently it is unreachable because we are still getting everything switched over at Network Solutions. It will be the SAME site it was before, except for a redesign which will eventually be given to the entire site. It should be easier to find what you want and faster to download than before. Look for SMGFAN's return in the coming weeks. Information on our progress with SMGFAN can be found at

What does this mean for this site? I won't take it down, but I will no longer be adding content. Look to SimplySMG Under "Pictures" for any new scans. I want to thank you all for visiting this site, some of you for years, and I hope you'll stay with me and visit the other sites. My goal is create excellent web sites for you, the Sarah fan.


October 26, 2001

95% of the scans on this site are original scans. I don't mind when people add my scans to their sites, as long as you make some mention of this site.


Sarah is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on November 5.

"Buffy" has changed networks, and now is airing season 6 on UPN.

Here's the SMG Printable Gallery banner:

Please feel free to use this banner to link to this site. Please alert me if you find broken links!

This site was launched on June 28, 1998. Thanks for stopping by.

See the newest version of the Harvard Man Poster.

I got to see Sarah work for almost 3 hours while she was filming Harvard Man in Cambridge on July 30, 2000.
Here's my page
on the experience.

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SMG Concentration Game.
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There is no nudity on this site. Sarah has never posed nude!