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Since many of them don't have attached information about where they came from, I've made a:

thumbnail page of the May 27, 2001 update (thanks Janna Longworth for the scan donations)

and a

thumbnail page of the March 6, 2001 update (thanks Pete for loan of the materials)

which includes 15 pieces from Pete's collection, among other things.

(Like the new Scooby Doo Promo Pic (260k!) and 3 candids from years past.)

twist_cvr.jpg 163k, Sarah on cover of Twist Magazine, February 2001

star-382.jpg 88k, pg 38 of Star Magazine, another of Sarah in the field

star39.jpg 147k, Sarah on pg 39 of Star Magazine, a UK tabloid, Oct 18 2000

star-cover.jpg 245k, Sarah on cover of Star Magazine, a UK tabloid, Oct 18 2000

star-inside.jpg 104k, picture in Star Magazine's T.O.C. of Sarah in a field in the Dominican Republic

star-381.jpg 178k, pg 38 of Star Magazine, another of Sarah in the field

maybelline3.jpg 130k, Maybelline ad, Sarah with straight hair

sarah_skating.jpg 104k, Sarah on the ice, outdoors, circa 1995, pg 12 from the book "Sarah Michelle Gellar (Celebrity Bios)" link here:

cosmogirl-cvr12_00.jpg 147k, Sarah on cover of CosmoGirl December 2000-January 2001

glamour-cvr10_00.jpg 167k, Sarah on cover of October 2000 Glamour Magazine

with-thor1.jpg 103k, Sarah with dog Thor on a cobblestone road, circa 1999

with-thor2.jpg 77k, 2nd photo of Sarah, with Thor in her arms, circa 1999

fhm-uk-cvr-sep00.jpg 175k, Sarah on cover of FHM Magazine, UK Edition, September 2000

fhm-pg197.jpg 167k, Sarah lying among flowers, pg 197 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg197wp.jpg 204k, above picture, cropped, WALLPAPER size (1024x768)

fhm-pg199.jpg 154k, Sarah by a stone wall, pg 199 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg200.jpg 65k, sitting in a field of flowers, pg 200 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg201.jpg 77k, posing by ocean, pg 201 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

jump-cvr-sep00.jpg 187k, Sarah on cover of Jump Magazine, September 2000

jump-pg80.jpg 45k, Sarah inside picture page 80 of Jump, September 2000

glamourp44sept00.jpg 64k, Sarah inside picture page 44 of Glamour, September 2000

cosmop80sept00.jpg 76k, Sarah with Freddie candid published in Cosmopolitan, pg 80, September, 2000

tvg-canada1.jpg 40k, Sarah inside picture in TV Guide Canada, April 15-21, 2000

boysandgirls.jpg 42k, candid photo of Sarah and Freddie Prinze Jr. at the premiere of "Boys And Girls", June 2000

sarah_and_cher.jpg 60k, candid photo of Sarah with Cher at Divas 2000

divas_outtake.jpg 29k, another extremely candid Divas photo

ym_candid.jpg 60k, another candid photo of Sarah at the YM party from two years ago

tvg_canada.jpg 169k, Sarah on cover of Canadien TV Guide, April 15-21, 2000. (Another picture from this to come soon).

Blk09.jpg 150k, UK advertisement for the Buffy Season 3 video set 1. Thanks to Stephen Gordon for the scan.

maxim6-00.jpg 64k, Sarah in the June FHM, american version. Thanks to Cosmo for the raw scan

emmys98.jpg 65k, photo of Sarah at the 50th Annual Emmy Awards, Sept 13 1998. Thanks to all who let me know where it was taken. :) (formerly called premiere_photo.jpg)

bliss03c.jpg 68k, Sarah on Habitat for Humanity project, picture in Bliss Magazine June 2000. Thanks to Stephen Gordon for the scan.

season4bygate.jpg 144k, Sarah season 4 WB publicity photo by wrought iron gate

season4cast.jpg 95k, Season 4 Buffy cast photo. This was not a good print, so I apologize for the poor quality.

sky_offshoulder.jpg 150k, 1997 photo of Sarah with her shirt partway off, first featured in November 1997 Sky Magazine (not 100% sure of the date!!). LARGE version.

bliss01.jpg 179k, cover of Bliss Magazine, June 2000, a UK publication, scan submitted by Stephen Gordon

The 21 thumbnails of May 12 update are here.

milkposter_s.jpg 50k, Sarah in recent milk poster included in TV Guide, March 2000

milkposter.jpg 176k, larger version of above

milkback.jpg 61k, Sarah, Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon in picture on back of recent milk poster

ci_january.jpg 88k, Sarah in SMG Cruel Intentions 2000 Calendar

spectrum21_bw.jpg 103k, black and white Sarah picture from page 3 of Spectrum #21

spectrum21.jpg 124k, Sarah on cover of Spectrum #21

buffymag_2_5_00.jpg 170k, Sarah on cover of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Magazine, Feb.19-26, 2000

ultimate_tvg.jpg 145k, Sarah on cover of Ultimate Cable edition of TV Guide, Feb.19-26, 2000

tvgcvr_feb00.jpg 272k(!), Sarah on cover of TV Guide, Feb.19-26, 2000
tvgcvr_feb00s.jpg 110k, smaller version of above

tvg01_feb00.jpg 110k, inside spread picture of Sarah, pg 18-19, TV Guide, Feb.19-26, 2000

tvg02_feb00.jpg 52k, from pg 26, TV Guide, Feb.19-26, 2000

backstage.jpg 122k, Sarah in candid photo, seemingly taken backstage

sweeps.jpg 145k, Sarah in overalls being hoisted by 2 guys with brooms, for "sweeps" month, Soap Opera Update, November 1, 1994

kendall_anson.jpg 200k, Sarah with Anson from All My Children, promo pic in Soap Opera Update, November 1, 1994.
kendall_anson_s.jpg 64k, smaller version of above

amc_cast.jpg 82k, partial cast picture, Soap Opera Update, November 1, 1994

Nexus517-BuffyMagazine@Sarah_Michelle_Gellar_019.jpg 183k, Sarah scan, season 4, I don't know where it comes from. The scan comes from Your Daily Caps, a fine site with Buffy vidcaps twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays.)

cardsinc_cvr.jpg 148k, Sarah and David on cover of Cards Inc. Magazine #14, Sept-Nov 1999, a UK publication. Thanks to Chris for the raw scan.

sattelite_jan.jpg 178k, Sarah on cover of Sattelite TV Europe, Jan 2000

sattelite_jan_c.jpg 94k, closeup from above, this pic is 800x600 (perfect for wallpaper)

frontier.jpg 144k, Sarah on cover of Frontier Magazine (Australian), #16, July/Sept 1999

bighit14_cvr.jpg 220k, Sarah on cover of Big Hit Magazine, #14, Jan 2000

bighit14_cvr_c.jpg 110k, closeup of Sarah only, from above picture

video_insert.jpg 138k, ad insert, found inside the new Buffy Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_1.jpg 69k, cover of Volume 1 of the new Buffy Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_2.jpg 78k, cover of Volume 2 of the new Buffy Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_3.jpg 62k, cover of Volume 3 of the new Buffy Angel Chronicles video box set

helen_on_porch.jpg 82k, photo of Sarah as Helen in IKWYDLS, sitting on porch

nylon_inside.jpg 122k, inside cover of Nylon Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000, with red type removed (thanks to Cosmo)

CMsmg18.jpg 93k, Sarah's Maybelline ad #2 picture, no type, no ad, scan and type removal courtesy of Cosmo

teenbeat12-99.jpg 116k, b/w pic of Sarah on page 24 of Teenbeat Magazine, December 1999

nylon_c1.jpg 108k, page 62 of Nylon Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000

nylon_bw1.jpg 97k, b/w picture, page 61 of Nylon Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000

nylon_cvr.jpg 150k, cover of Nylon Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000

mc01.jpg 37k, Sarah at the Emmys, pg 22 of Marie Claire, January 2000

ikwydls_auto.jpg 63k, autographed Sarah photo from the IKWYDLS premiere (formerly scream2_auto.jpg - whoops!)

fence3.jpg 69k, Sarah photo from the outdoor fence sessions, now featured on main page of this site

fanclub.jpg 127k, Sarah and Mark Blucas on cover of Buffy Fan Club magazine, Thanks Janna for the raw scan

ci_pk1.jpg 68k, b/w photo from the Cruel Intentions press kit, Sarah and Selma Blair in the park

ci_pk2.jpg 84k, b/w photo from the Cruel Intentions press kit, Sarah as Kathryn leaning by her bed

bh11_close.jpg 75k, closeup of Sarah's face in Australian Magazine Big Hit #11, September 1999, Page 54

recovery_cvr.jpg 197k, Sarah on cover of the Australian Magazine Recovery, September 1999. Older photo

big_cvr.jpg 151k, Sarah on cover of the UK Magazine Big, Sept.29 - Oct. 12, 1999. Same picture appeared in In Style November 1998.

tvg_wah.jpg 114k, Ad for Buffy, "Wild at Heart" episode in TV Guide, includes Seth Green

sfx_1099_cvr.jpg 140k, Sarah on cover of the UK Magazine SFX, October 1999 (Thanks Anson). Same picture (but including more background) as the "Eyes" picture from the April 1998 Rolling Stone

w_1199.jpg 110k, Sarah on pg 295 of W Magazine, 11/99, wearing a fox shrug and silk blouse. Newly published picture.

playboy.jpg 111k, Head shot of Sarah in Playboy 12/99, pg 105, in an article called "A Decade of Scream Queens". The original pic is about 2 inches wide and is the only Sarah picture in the magazine. (NOTE: This is the ENTIRE picture from the magazine.)

amends.jpg 113k, Sarah on pg 18 of Dreamwatch 61, standing by Xmas tree in "Amends"

When these pictures are removed, they are placed in one of the other directories. They are not gone for good. Visit the other pages too!