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WB or Photowire Pictures

These pictures originated at The WB or Photowire, and in many cases, very little color correction was needed. The WB has a whole bunch of new Sarah (and other cast) pictures up for season 4, but sadly none of them are high rez. (Still worth a look though).

wb1-cast.jpg 196k, first season promo cast photo, can't remember who sent me these but thanks!

wb2.jpg 166k, first season Buffy with the stake

wb3.jpg 98k, Buffy peering around a wall

wb4.jpg 108k, Buffy and Angel from 2nd season (original was blue)

wb4-close.jpg 86k, closeup from above of just Buffy

bhfrtall.jpg Beverly Hills Family Robinson cast shot, your choice of tall...
bhfrwide.jpg ...or wide

bw11.jpg Buffy ad for 12/15/98 episode
bw11-bw.jpg b/w closeup of Buffy from above ad

bw12.jpg 3rd season ad with Angel, almost the same shot used for 3dseason.jpg and justbuff.jpg, but no type

p-wire1.jpg stunning Sarah promo pic

couple.jpg Buffy on Angel's lap, another 3rd season promo