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Postcards, Calendars, Video Boxes

Admittedly this is a very incomplete list, but most pictures that aren't featured here had already been featured elsewhere in the site, from another source.

ci_january.jpg 88k, Sarah in SMG Cruel Intentions 2000 Calendar

video_insert.jpg 138k, ad insert, found inside the Buffy/Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_1.jpg 69k, cover of Volume 1 of the Buffy/Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_2.jpg 78k, cover of Volume 2 of the Buffy/Angel Chronicles video box set

videobox2_3.jpg 62k, cover of Volume 3 of the new Buffy Angel/Chronicles video box set

pcard-smg1.jpg 94k, Sarah on photocard #52

cal2-1.jpg 81k, picture from the 2000 Sarah Michelle Gellar UK Calendar (thanks to Shimmer for the raw scan)

videobox.jpg box cover for BTVS video set #1

b-video3.jpg BTVS video cover set one (Witch/Never Kill...)

b-video2.jpg BTVS video cover, set one (Angel/Puppet Show)

april-c.jpg 101k, from 1999 BTVS calendar, cropped as closeup

april.jpg 76k, same photo as above, but includes more of original

october.jpg from 1999 BTVS calendar (revised)