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Unknown or Miscellaneous

Where did these come from? Some I know, some I don't. Most of them are pretty old but I can't bear to dump them in the Archive dungeon just yet.

Nexus517-BuffyMagazine@Sarah_Michelle_Gellar_019.jpg 183k, Sarah scan, season 4, I don't know where it comes from. The scan comes from the now-defunct "Your Daily Caps" site.

beach2.jpg 145k, alternate picture from beach session circa 1997 (from unknown magazine)

milk2.jpg the photo they SHOULD have used for the milk ad (thanks to Erik for the raw scan)

mantle-no-angel.jpg 108k, Thanks to Cosmo for sending this modified scan with Angel removed. :) I had a similar one up at one time. All I did on this was fix some color.

smg-auto.jpg (REVISED) autographed picture that gets sent in response to fan letters(thanks Tony Fenton of Eternal Flame for the raw scan)


ikwyd-bw.jpg b/w, beauty queen on the run

buffy-01.jpg early Buffy portrait, very popular

buf-kend.jpg two slayers together

chains.jpg Buffy and Cordelia about to become worm food

bufgrad.jpg 71k, picture of Sarah from the box art for the reviewers copy of Graduation Day Pt.1 (Thanks Jenna for sending the raw scan)