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UK Magazines General, Page 1

I want to give thanks to everyone in the UK (Ami, Shimmer, Anson, Steve) who has helped me acquire many of these, some of which are hard to find in the USA.

fhm-uk-cvr-sep00.jpg 175k, Sarah on cover of FHM Magazine, UK Edition, September 2000

fhm-pg197.jpg 167k, Sarah lying among flowers, pg 197 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg197wp.jpg 204k, above picture, cropped, WALLPAPER size (1024x768)

fhm-pg199.jpg 154k, Sarah by a stone wall, pg 199 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg200.jpg 65k, sitting in a field of flowers, pg 200 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000

fhm-pg201.jpg 77k, posing by ocean, pg 201 of FHM Magazine, UK Sep 2000 dreamwatch61_cvr.jpg 160k, Sarah graces cover of Dreamwatch 61, 9/99

sattelite_cvr.jpg 145k, Sarah on cover of TV & Sattelite Week, August 14-20 1999

list2.jpg 96k, full page "Kathryn" portrait of Sarah from The List magazine (see below)

the_list_cvr.jpg 124k, local events magazine for Scotland, with Sarah as Kathryn from CI on cover (slight revisions made)

shivers_56.jpg 225k, cover of Shivers #56, thanks to sneakerpimp for the raw scan

hot-ticket.jpg 124k, Sarah on cover of Hot Tickets Magazine, insert for Evening Standard, June 4-10, 1999 (thanks Steven Schofield for the raw scan)

sweetheart.jpg 89k, my favorite picture currently of brunnette Sarah, in OK! Magazine, a UK weekly, circa June1999

cults102.jpg 83k, Sarah in a recent Cult TV article. (Thanks to Shimmer for the scan)

fhm02.jpg 182k, Rolling Stone cover outtake of Sarah in leather suit leaning on a pillar, in FHM July 1999. (Thanks to Cosmo for some major work removing a lot of text)

fhm01.jpg 131k, another Rolling Stone cover outtake of Sarah in leather suit, in FHM July 1999. (Thanks again Cosmo for some help here)

couch.jpg (REVISED) 278k!! (sorry, kind of big), laying on couch near candles, this older picture of Sarah was here before, but reappeared in FHM July 99. Thanks to Cosmo for removing a huge crease and other distractions. I turned it on its side for a change. (PLEASE NOTE: People keep trying to sell this scan on the auction sites. One guy had a bid of $105, and he would have sent you a printout of this very scan. I killed his auction. If you see my scans at auction sites, please write me. And don't bid on them, just come here and get it free.)

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