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UK Magazines General, Page 2

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cardsinc_cvr.jpg 148k, Sarah and David on cover of Cards Inc. Magazine #14, Sept-Nov 1999, a UK publication. Thanks to Chris for the raw scan.

big_cvr.jpg 151k, Sarah on cover of the UK Magazine Big, Sept.29 - Oct. 12, 1999. Same picture appeared in In Style November 1998.

like-sky2.jpg 75k, Sarah in Looks Magazine 6/99, pg29 (thank you Ami for this and so many others)

cinef-399.jpg 134k, cover of Cinefantastique, March1999, featuring Sarah and David

dreamwatch-cvr.jpg 155k, cover of Dreamwatch, July 1999, featuring Sarah and David

cable-6991.jpg 128k, Sarah on pg 7 of Cable Guide, June 1999 (thanks Raye for thoughtfully sending a scan of this, although I got the mag itself on the same day!)

cable-699cvr.jpg 148k, cover of UK Cable Guide, June 1999, with Sarah and David

cult-times_cvr.jpg 140k, Cult Times special #9, cover

shivers-cvr64.jpg 182k, cover of Shivers #64

sfx-cvr.jpg REVISED 171k, cover of SFX Magazine May 1999, NEW SCAN, finally was able to get the mag

sfx-cvr-part.jpg 88k, closeup of above

sfx_1099_cvr.jpg 140k, Sarah on cover of SFX, October 1999 (Thanks Anson)

bliss01.jpg 179k, cover of Bliss Magazine, June 2000, a UK publication, scan submitted by Stephen Gordon

bliss03c.jpg 68k, Sarah on Habitat for Humanity project, picture in Bliss Magazine June 2000. Thanks to Stephen Gordon for the scan.

Blk09.jpg 150k, UK advertisement for the Buffy Season 3 video set 1. Thanks to Stephen Gordon for the scan.

(Click on Magazines in the lefthand menu bar to get the entire Magazine directory).