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Miscellaneous Photos Page 2

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autogr-r.jpg Autographed photo of Sarah, there is no question of its authenticity (refer to this when shopping for Sarah autographs)

pinkbow.jpg 75k, Sarah with pink bow in her hairbr> pinkbow-c.jpg 77k, face closeup of above

white-c.jpg 67k, Sarah from up close, in white dress

sky2.jpg Photo of Sarah originally in last year's Sky Magazine, cropped in

pillar.jpg 110k, Sarah in heels standing by a pillar

pillar-2.jpg 173k, A similar shot to above, taken from a full cast photo(cast-pillar.jpg 169k

autogr.jpg 78k, Photo autographed by Sarah and David B (though I am suspicious of its authenticity), same photo session as velvet.jpg
autogr-c.jpg 83k, closeup of above

purple.jpg 114k, photo in purple/lavendar dress of shimmery material

bsparkle.jpg Sarah from 3rd season promos, in blue/lavendar sparkly top

velvet.jpg Nice photo of Sarah in red velvet dress on bed

orig-neg.jpg This picture was taken within about 3 seconds of popstar1.jpg but the photo was struck (created) from the original negative. ALWAYS ask that your Buffy pics get 'struck from the original negative' when possible!

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(Click on Photos in the lefthand menu bar to get the entire Photo directory).