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Miscellaneous Photos Page 1

emmys98.jpg 65k, photo of Sarah at the 50th Annual Emmy Awards, Sept 13 1998. Thanks to all who let me know where it was taken. :)

season4bygate.jpg 144k, Sarah season 4 WB publicity photo by wrought iron gate

season4cast.jpg 95k, Season 4 Buffy cast photo. This was not a good print, so I apologize for the poor quality. (Powerstar Merchandise sold this to me, their photo quality is getting spotty again).

sky_offshoulder.jpg 150k, 1997 photo of Sarah with her shirt partway off, first dfeatured in November 1997 Sky Magazine (not 100% sure of the date!!). LARGE version.

helen_on_porch.jpg 82k, photo of Sarah as Helen in IKWYDLS, sitting on porch

ikwydls_auto.jpg 63k, autographed Sarah photo from the IKWYDLS premiere (formerly scream2_auto.jpg - whoops!)

fence3.jpg 69k, Sarah photo from the outdoor fence sessions, now featured on main page of this site

crawling.jpg 93k, b/w photo from early Buffy "crawling on floor" session

sarah-jlh.jpg 100k, Sarah and Jennifer Love Hewitt in a photograph autographed by both (scene from IKWYDLS) NOTE: Sarah does NOT really smoke!

mantle-couple.jpg 122k, 3rd season promo photo of Buffy and Angel posing by a mantle

by-gate.jpg 212k, Sarah 3rd season promo photo in black by gate

arms-crossed.jpg 76k, Another 3rd season promo photo in black, arms crossed

slit-skirt.jpg 136k, 3rd season promo Sarah shot with slit skirt

seaworld.jpg 32k, untouched photo of Sarah at Seaworld with a baby otter named Xander, thank you Bob C. of Seaworld

pinkbow-alt.jpg 96k, great photo of Sarah from same session as pinkbow.jpg

blue.jpg 90k, Nice headshot photo with blue background

ivy.jpg 70k, Last site's photo header, beautiful shot of Sarah standing by ivy

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