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US Magazines General, Page 1

Sarah makes so many magazine appearances that it's silly to try and give each its own page. So this is a general magazine section.

cosmogirl-cvr12_00.jpg 147k, Sarah on cover of CosmoGirl December 2000-January 2001

glamour-cvr10_00.jpg 167k, Sarah on cover of October 2000 Glamour Magazine

101hairstyles.jpg 80k, from pg 12 of Celebrity Style 101 Hairstyles, Nov 1999

tv_plus_wedding.jpg 29k, Another Buffy/Angel wedding pic, from TV Plus, supplement to the Sunday Boston Herald

shg1199_cvr.jpg 166k, Sarah on cover of Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, November 1999

cement.jpg 68k, our superwoman with cement-encrusted hands, pg 93 Teen People Oct 99

stonewall_s.jpg 91k, Sarah by a stone wall, pg 97 of Teen People Oct 1999 (larger version 263k)

teenpeople_cvr.jpg 151k, Sarah on cover of Teen People Magazine, October 1999 (on newstands now)

ci_4stars.jpg 103k, Sarah in lounge chair shot from Cruel Intentions, page contains short film review

sod_795_cvr.jpg 258k, Sarah on cover of Soap Opera Digest, July 4, 1995

scifi_teen_cvr.jpg 190k, Sarah on the cover of Sci-Fi Teen #3, November 1998

maybelline1.jpg 91k, Sarah's half of her new Maybelline Ad, in People, Aug. 2, 1999, pg 4-5 (bigger version 150k)

maybelline_fullad.jpg 92k, the entire Maybelline Ad (Sarah's first) in People, Aug. 2, 1999, pg 4-5

femme_ci1.jpg 132k, b/w Sarah on pg 12 of Femme Fatales 8/20/99 as Kathryn in CI

tvguide897_cvr.jpg 188k, Sarah on cover of TV Guide, Aug. 2-8, 1997

tvguide-ad51199.jpg 175k, TV Guide ad for "Devil in a Prom Dress" (black+white)

tvg97-1s.jpg 1997 TV Guide photoshoot (tvg97-1.jpg - large version)

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