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Christine Clayburg
April 7, 2001
7:12 AM
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Today: Period of sunshine briefly, before more rain by midnight, likely mixed with snow or sleet, esp. n/w. .. mainly sleet. The high in the low to mid 40s with a blustery onshore wind...decreasing in the afternoon.
Tonight: As indicated above, mostly sleet.. 1-2" worth n/w of 495 1" n/w of 128, even a bit here downtown and points south.
Tomorrow: Cloudy and cold. Scattered AM showers and drizzle. Highs in the upper 40s. Lighe SE wind
Monday: Pt. cloudy and warmer, 60s
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers, 60's
Wednesday: Partly Sunny, 50s-60

Just the Charles and the Concord Rivers remaining above flood stage today, and the overnight rain didn't aggravate the situation all that much, but we are still watching carefully northern New England for flood potential, and runoff to our own area rivers down the road. The Sudbury River is more responsive in this situation, and also needs monitoring.

The enormous snowpack in northern New england hasn't budged. I have received measurements of 40" plus as close to us as a 75 minute drive from Boston, just NW of the Ma-NH border in the Monadnock region. It is really, really odd, and perhaps a first in many decades for that much snow on the ground to exist so late in the season in that neck of the woods

Tonight's storm brings a mixed bag to the area with sleet and ice pellets north of 495...and sleet turning to rain south. followed by a major warmup for the early part of next week. . . as a frontal system follows it through from the midwest. We are concerned about slippery roads and small accumulations sunday morning, with temperatures sluggish on Sunday after precipitation ends.

Todd Gross and Christine Clayburg

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