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Last updated May 12 with 21 new pictures.


Sarah will be on Regis and Kathie Lee on Wednesday May 17, and Conan O'Brian on May 18. Check your listing for Conan because I'm not sure if it's May 18, or the early morning hours of May 19.

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I have been so busy that I would only bore you if I told you about it - suffice to say I've had not time to do much besides watch Buffy and moderate the Posting Board (which takes mere minutes a day).

Okay, THIS update is different from the others. First you will note that there are 21 new pictures. Almost all of these are contributions by others, with the exception of one or two Rolling Stones pictures. I am embarrassed to say I received some of these so long ago that I no longer remember who sent them. If you were the one and you'd like credit, just write me. Also, I don't really know what events some of these pictures are tied to. If you'd like to contribute information on these, please post it on the Posting Board.

SECONDLY, this update marks the first time I have ever used a thumbnail page. I was pretty much forced to do this by lack of time. Thumbnails of new update are here.


All of you who were writing to Sarah after clicking the "Contact Me" button, I am sorry that there was confusion, but Sarah is not affiliated with this site in any way. That button was supposed to be to contact ME, the webmaster.
Notice the button has been changed to read "Contact Site Owner".

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