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Last updated January 23 with 1 new picture from Frontier Magazine.

I have moved part of my site to a new server. Apparently there are times when it's a little slow, or briefly goes down. But don't worry, all the new pics are linked correctly. If you have problems accessing a pic, try again in a few minutes. If you still have problems please contact me and I'll check it out.l

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Do you have rare pictures of Sarah in printed form? I'm looking for photos or magazine/book pictures of Sarah that you don't see everyday. I'm looking to either borrow them or get a scan from you (I can help with the details of getting an optimum scan if you're unsure).

Sarah played the voice of Andromeda in "Hercules: Zero to Hero" in 1998, a much neglected little tidbit of information that recently surfaced on another fan site. Click the link to learn more about this direct-to-video movie. Thanks go to Carl for this info.

There is no nudity on this site. Sarah has never posed nude! (Does this confuse you because you think you've seen photos of her without her clothes? These are created by graphic artists with image editing software. Seem like a silly waste of time? I agree. So whose body are you really looking at when you see those? That's anyone's guess, but it ain't Sarah!)

If you use these scans on your site, PLEASE CREDIT ME. Those that have, thank you, you're the reason I continue to add to this gallery.

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