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Last updated September 5 with 2 new pictures.


For the most current Sarah news, visit the Posting Board. I got see Sarah work for almost 3 hours while she was filming Harvard Man in Cambridge on July 30. Here's my page on the experience.

Buffy is scheduled to begin its new season on September 26 in the USA.


Stephen Gordon has his own high quality site up and running. It's at and I highly recommend a visit. He's in Europe so some of his scans are from magazines you may not see in the USA.

I apologize for the long time between updates, a lot of things happened that really ate into available time. I expect when fall comes around I'll be inside more and will have more time to work on the site. It's not over yet folks.

Just a reminder that if you want to avoid getting the banner (""), bookmark instead of

There is no nudity on this site. Sarah has never posed nude!

Please alert me if you find broken links!

This site was launched on June 28, 1998