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If this site should ever be deleted due to a Tripod error (which would be sad after almost a 3 year residence on Tripod servers), you will be able to use the redirect to get to the new site address within a day or two of the event. This site will not experience any significant downtime, so long as someone informs me that a shutdown has occured.

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Last updated March 6 with mostly pictures from the AMC days. (20 in all, many thanks to Pete from our board for the loan of several clippings.)

95% of the scans on this site are original scans. I go out and buy the magazine or book, or photo, and I spend upwards of an hour on almost every single picture you see here.

I don't mind when people add my scans to their sites, as long as you make some mention of this site.


Sarah didn't win the Golden Globe award for Best Actress on a Dramatic TV Series, but the nomination signals bigger recognition for her. Just wait till next year. Congratulations Sarah, your day is fast approaching!

No one is sure yet where "Buffy" will be airing next year, but if that changes I'll report it here.

Sarah is working on Scooby Doo in the role of Daphne, and has returned to Los Angeles to finish season 5 filming of Buffy.

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This site was launched on June 28, 1998. Thanks for stopping by.

See the newest version of the Harvard Man Poster.

I got to see Sarah work for almost 3 hours while she was filming Harvard Man in Cambridge on July 30, 2000.
Here's my page
on the experience.

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SMG Concentration Game.
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