This is a list of
Photos Currently Available Through Rod & Carol's Memorabilia

This is a better source for photos than the more popular sites you've seen around,
especially if you're looking for newer photos of Sarah or other celebrities.

I do not normally endorse vendors. But these folks are easier to deal with and in most cases provide better merchandise, in my opinion, than other vendors I've dealt with.

Here's their list of Sarah Photos, in stock unless otherwise noted:

Not all of these scans have been corrected. (Those that were, corrections did NOT hide any major blemishes.)

white-c.jpg Item #C132, Sarah from up close, in white dress

library.jpg Item #C136, 2nd season photo of Buffy in library

pinkbow.jpg Item #C171 Sarah with pink bow in her hair (this pic is excellent!)

blue.jpg Item #C273, nice Sarah headshot with blue background

ivy.jpg Item #C274, nice Sarah headshot

smg-port.jpg Item #SMG1, first season Sarah portrait, also used for first card in Season One Buffy Premium Trading Cards

cast.jpg Item #C308, first season cast photo, same photo

Following are uncorrected scans, most are darker than actual pictures

Item #C300, from 3rd season promo sessions, nice shot of Sarah in front of iron fence

Item #C301, from candelabra sessions, next to chair

Item #C302, popular Sarah photo that was used for a cover of Teen magazine

Item #C303, partially transaparent top, same photo used in popstar1.jpg

Item #C304, red shiny background, black dress (this photo has some minor graininess)

Item #C305, Charisma Carpenter in leather pants

Item #C306, Sarah as Helen in IKWYDLS

Item #C307, first season shot of Sarah, Alyson, Charisma

Item #C245, beautiful head shot from same session as purple.jpg

Item #C259, Sarah with the Master standing behind her

Item #C186, Early photo of Buffy on the floor

Item #C135, In blue tank top (this photo was in The Watcher's Guide.)

Item #Buffy1, first season cast photo

ITEMS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (but may become available again):

Item #C134, cradling a butterfly

Item #C222, Sarah in blue sweater

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