Links has been around longer than any other Sarah sites, started in February 1996. It is without question the BEST and MOST comprehensive site featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The Official Buffy Site

Buffy.deTHE Buffy site in Germany is a site run by a large group of people, and has pages in english and german. They also are setting out to have EVERY picture they can find for anyone on the show. Great site.

The Complete Guide To Buffy Episodes - This site gets 4 stars for ease of use, great content and nice design.

The Buffy Cross & Stake EXCELLENT site with lots of information, pictures of everyone on the show and well-designed. Guaranteed not to make you pull your hair out.

Ravens Realm Well-done site that covers everything Buffy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Forever is full of interesting Sarah wallpapers. Run by my friend Erik in the Philippines

And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BTVS

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Original Artwork

Sonja Marie's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Links This is the QUINTESSENTIAL Buffy links page, with about 3000 of them last I counted (ok I didn't really count, she did). This site (SMGPG) is one of her GASP! sites.

Buffy Madness

Sarah M Gellar Fan Page - The #1 guide to SMG (This is a page with lots of pictures I'd never seen from the Swans Crossing and AMC era)

The SMG Tribute

Star Crossed Lovers (This is more of a Buffy/Angel site)

PixPosters has the CI and SI posters for $12. and many others too.

Amazing Amber a good page devoted to Amber Benson (for a change of pace).

Eternal Flame: A Sarah Michelle Gellar Fansite

www.Celebs.To This is an all around celebrity links directory.

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