My scans have started showing up at auction sites, being used to make counterfeit photos. I've been seeing them regularly at ebay and yahoo.


These are inferior photos because they lose a generation in the making of the photo. They look bad, and the photographer is ripped off because they are not paid for this illegal photo, nor is Sarah.

ALSO BE AWARE that a new trend on the auction sites is to sell COMPUTER PRINTOUTS, not photographs, yet they are marketed as photographs, and sometimes the vendors will even lie and say it actually IS a photograph. BUYER BEWARE.

If I see you attempting to sell my scans, and I know the photographer whose photo you are stealing to sell, I will alert them. There are photographers featured on this site who WILL sue you. I have trolls out there looking for my scans being illegally sold. If you see one of these scans featured on an auction site, please alert me.

Also, BE AWARE that photos you see for sale at auction sites that were ever featured in a magazine are almost always counterfeits, photos taken of the actual magazine page, which look poor. (Exceptions to this rule are press kit photos). Do yourself a favor and don't buy these pieces of junk.

The picture on the left is from the original negative. The picture on the right is an illegally copied photo on photographic paper ('counterfeit"). It is a PHOTO OF A PHOTO. Note all the extra fine detail and nice tone in the original photo on the left. Note all the blown out highs on the right that obscure details, and its slight blurriness. Ebay and Yahoo do not screen vendors in any way, so as a result most photo vendors on those sites are selling either counterfeits like this, or outright fake photos printed out from their printer.

What you see here is a best-case-scenario of a counterfeit photo, that is an original photo copied onto photographic paper. They get a lot worse, I've come across some real dogs. SO BE CAREFUL!

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Links to reputable dealers:

Powerstar Merchandise is a good source of 8x10 photos and other Buffy merchandise. The photos are $5 each, you'll see many folks buy them and sell them on ebay and get twice as much back from unknowing buyers. Anything that says "struck from the original FOX transparencies/negatives" is likely to look great. They also carried autographed plaques which are very likely to be real.

Shooting Stars is a good source for original candid photos struck from their original negatives. She's on ebay under the userid sexyphotos. (That's an email link, tell her Glenn from the SMG Printable Gallery sent you. She took that example photo above.)

You can email, that's also his ebay user id, and ask if he has any candid Sarah pics for sale. I have bought several from him and have been pleased with the quality.

Class Act Movie Posters is a great poster depot.

PixPosters is another great place for posters, and they tend to be cheap.