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In Style

In Style is a very thick magazine full of pictures of celebrities at various parties and events, with the occasionally feature story on their new homes, makeup secrets, and lots of ads. Of course, this keeps the price down to $4.95. It often runs over 400 pages. The November issue has a half page picture somewhere of Sarah at the Teen Choice Awards.

teen_choice_is.jpg 51k, Sarah at Teen Choice Awards, In Style Magazine October 1999, pg 88

is499-1.jpg 57k, candid head shot from In Style 4/99 pg 406

3 midsize pictures from the February 99 issue featuring scenes from "Simply Irresistible"

is-feb1.jpg 57k, vintage jacket

is-feb2.jpg 49k, chiffon dress and tiara

is-feb3.jpg 56k, holding a cardigan, towel over head

7 from the November 1998 issue, which included the "spa" article

emmys.jpg At 1998 Emmys, in sunglasses

smg-joc.jpg with Jerry O'Connell

mudbath.jpg Sarah/Alyson/Charisma play with mud

horses.jpg Sarah and Alyson in horseback
horses-c.jpg (same as above, cropped closer)

smg6is.jpg Sarah and Alyson on grass

smg5is.jpg under a sunlit arch
smg5is-b.jpg (same as above, head and shoulders closeup)

yoga.jpg in yoga position

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