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International Magazines - General

More thanks go out to Erik, Mark and others to give me the opportunity to get magazines that are published 10,000 miles away.

tvg_canada.jpg 169k, Sarah on cover of Canadien TV Guide, April 15-21, 2000. (Another picture from this to come soon).

sattelite_jan.jpg 178k, Sarah on cover of Sattelite TV Europe, Jan 2000

sattelite_jan_c.jpg 94k, closeup from above, this pic is 800x600 (perfect for wallpaper)

frontier.jpg 144k, Sarah on cover of Frontier Magazine (Australian), #16, July/Sept 1999

bighit14_cvr.jpg 220k, Sarah on cover of Big Hit Magazine, #14, Jan 2000

bighit14_cvr_c.jpg 110k, closeup of Sarah only, from above picture

bh11_close.jpg 75k, closeup of Sarah's face in Australian Magazine Big Hit #11, September 1999, Page 54

recovery_cvr.jpg 197k, Sarah on cover of the Australian Magazine Recovery, September 1999. Older photo

bh_wedding.jpg 66k, wedding poster of Buffy and Angel, from Big Hit Magazine (Australia), August 1999

Dolly1099_cvr.jpg 200k, cover of Dolly Magazine (Australia), October 1999., thanks to Mark from Oz for the raw scan

bighit_spread.jpg 180k, interesting spread from Big Hit Magazine (Australia), August 1999, with talking balloons and scenes including David Boreanaz, Shannon Doherty

bighit_pg1.jpg 150k, above, left side, a little bigger

bighit_pg1_1.jpg 80k, closeup of Sarah and David from this page

bighit_pg2.jpg 157k, above, right side, a little bigger

bighit_pg3.jpg 156k, another page from same Big Hit feature, more of the same

bighit_pg3_1.jpg 96k, closeup #1 from 3rd page, Sarah and Shannon Doherty

bighit_pg3_2.jpg 83k, closeup #2 from 3rd page, Sarah and Shannon Doherty

big_hit_899cvr.jpg 226k, Sarah on cover of Big Hit magazine, August 1999

bighit_599_cvr.jpg 202k, Sarah and David on cover of Big Hit Magazine (Australia), May 1999. Picture is from same photo session for The UK Cable Guide, June 1999

cosmo899-au.jpg 243k, Sarah on cover of Cosmopolitan Australian edition, August 1999 (thanks Mark C for the raw scan!)

etc-cvr.jpg 171k, etc. Magazine, April 16-30, 1999, from Malaysia, with Sarah as Kathryn in CI on the cover

ci_postcard.jpg 146k, Cruel Intentions international postcard, from Malaysia, looks like the international movie poster

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