From: Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 09:44:53 EST Subject: Re: about this past saturday's coffeehouse show... To: come back soon...very chill show :) -new fan-Ruthie From: "McDonnell, Timothy F." To: "''" Subject: Tucson 2 Nevada Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 13:25:46 -0500 Hey Carla- Absolutely love your stuff! What a surprise, the night I walked into my neighborhood bar only to find one of the best sounds I've heard in years, whatta sound. This was when you where with the Mudhens and after buying the disc I was hooked, San Juan, Hide tide 'n Tucson great stuff. This summer I was crushed when I finally got out to see you again and discovered you were not with the Band anymore, the night just wasn't the same. Mailing you my 12 bucks now 4 the new disc and look forward to catching you in JP or Hingham. Tim, Quincy Ma. Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 18:17:14 -0800 (PST) From: "L. Noah Goldfader" Subject: From a '92 Babo alum To: Hi Carla, You probably wouldn't know me if I walked right bye you...kind of sounds like a line to a song - feel free to use it. The picture of you and your band in the Babson Bulletin stopped me in my tracks. I thought to myself "wow, there's someone that's chasing a dream". Forget all those boring, endless entries of Babo grads working in finance and accouting and blah, blah, blah... You've inspired me to really follow through with the things that I've been tinkering with for the last 6 months. I'm working on a couple golf ideas that I'll now try to patent, get produced, bring to market, etc. No more saying "what if?" this or that. Congrats on your success to date and as they say in the biz, "keep on rockin". Noah Goldfader P.S. If you get out to San Francisco, I'll round up some people or most likely just join the sea of humanity lined up outside the club for your show! Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 06:16:53 -0800 (PST) From: Erica Subject: Show on the net... To: Hi Carla! I caught your show last night at Kendall Cafe on radioboston. Great show. I really liked the new tunes....East Coast Thing, Wrong Way Home and the kicked up version on Hottest Season! Hope you can make it to Ithaca soon. When is the new CD going to be out?? Summer? I look forward to hearing it! Take care, Erica Jan 20, 2001 Tim Cleworth Re: When can we see you? Are you playing anywhere near Albany any time soon? Thanks! By the way, Pedros Festival will never be the same without you. Tim Jan 20, 20001 Dean Re: MP3 Hi Carla, Just wanted you to know I loved your songs. Dean Jan 19, 2001 Regina Welch Re: WJYY Christmas Concert Hi Carla, I'm so happy that you e-mailed me. I loved your show at the Christmas Jam 2000. So how was your New Years?? YOUR #1 FAN, REGINA WELCH Jan 10, 2001 Amy Re: Wedding Song Hi Carla, I'm a big fan. Your music is outstanding. My husband and I actually picked "One I call Friend" as our first dance at our wedding reception this past September. One of our first dates was seeing you perform with the mudhens. I was hoping to get to some of your shows. I live in Salem, MA. Anything scheduled in my area? Thanks for all the music, Amy Dec 19, 2000 Angela Meehan Re: Show in Concord? Dear Carla's friends: I recently heard a rumor that Carla would be playing a show in Concord, NH sometime soon (the 20th or 21st maybe?) Any validity to this? I've been at school in California and am dying to hear her sing! Thanks, Angela Dec 19, 2000 Pete Conrad Re: Milky Way show HI Carla- We enjoyed the show at the RadioBoston holiday party. You look like you enjoy yourself. Good luck! Pete "Cooch" Conrad Dec 15, 2000 Perry Persoff, DJ The River 92.5 Re: Live in the River Music Hall HI Carla! As I told Ken when he called me the night you played live on New Frontiers last Wednesday, you got some very excited calls. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a couple of e-mails that came in a couple of days ago. Woops-as I write this, our on-air DJ Tanya tells me she has been besieged with, six...SEVEN calls for you in the last hour!! And of course, I have also enclosed a DAT copy of the in-studio. As a DJ I worked with in CA used to say, "hope you dig it". Thanks again for a great time, and the best luck to you all (remember us when you're playing the Orpheum!) Perry Persoff WXRV 92.5 The River Dec 13 Tim Wilson Re: Live in the River Music Hall Loved the in-studio guests! Amazing and talented women. Love to hear more of them! Volume 3-Live CD material to be sure!!!! Tim Dec 13, 2000 Melissa Re: Good Music Carla Ryder & band...tonight on New Frontiers...EXCELLENT!!! I'm definitely interested in hearing MUCH more. Thanks, Melissa Dec 13, 2000 Nikki Wheeler RE: Live in the River Music Hall Carla, I just listened to you on the River and you did absolutely phenomenal! I was seriously shaking I was so happy! Great job! Nikki Nov 30, 2000 Dave Ford Re: Borders Show Hey it was wonderful to see you in Concord! The p-funk version of 'Guys night out' made my jaw fall right out of the socket : ) The sound of the group is great and the songs (of course) are amazing!! David F. Nov 24, 2000 Jessica Scott Re: Borders Show Hey Carla You rock! I want to thank you for giving me the perfect ending to my fantastic birthday this year. I came to see you at Borders in Concord. I would have loved to have told you in person but I am so painfully shy. Maybe at the JYY party (the 21st)!!!. You probably don't remember me, but I e-mailed a little earlier this spring. (I asked you to describe a perfect day). Anyhow, looking forward to the next album. Take care and take time to enjoy! Jess Nov 24, 2000 Adam Bancroft Re: Spreading the word Hey! I will sure spread the word. I've recently gotten into your type of music. You see, my girlfriend has sort of got me hooked on it. She likes Ani DiFranco a lot & you have a folk way of singing too. Yours is a little more upbeat though. Well, look forward to seeing you come around this way. Have fun and keep the records coming. Adam Nov 23, 2000 Adam Bancroft Re: Borders Show Dear Carla: I listened to you in Concord, NH at Borders Books & Music. IT was a Friday night I believe. Well, I loved your music! You will no doubt be on the road I'm sure soon. If you do get to that point, please come to Charlotte, NC. You would love it here! If you have some type of contact with Borders, we have one here in town. Please contact me with some type of answer please. Good luck! Adam Nov 17, 2000 David Penza Re: The Attic show I caught your show last Friday night at the Attic in Newton Centre. Never heard you before and wanted to let you know that my friends and I had a great time. Thought you were great. I bought your CD and joined your mailing list. I'm listening to your CD at work right now and noticed that you have a website and e-mail address. I just read your bio. It's great that you found your calling. I can't believe you started out in your early 20's. Did you start playing guitar then too? I wanted to ask if your band does private parties? Hope to hear from you. David Penza Nov 17, 2000 Amy Re: Borders Show Hey, my name is Amy. I caught your Borders show venue on 11/17/00. I am the woman who bought a CD from you directly and had you sign it. I think that you have a great voice and are very talented. I first heard you on WJYY and fell in love with "Spinning to Crazy". I thought the show tonight was great...and I love all your new music. I can't wait to hear the new album, it is going to be a good one.. Amy Ps. I'll see you at the Christmas Jam on the 21st Nov 5, 2000 Erica Howard Re: Great show on the net Hi Carla I hope things are going well for you. I just caught your show via the internet at the Living Room. It was great! Your voice has such a wonderful presence and you bring forth such insight and emotion to every level in each of your songs. I have not heard and acoustic show of yours up until this point...and you surely did not disappoint. Great band, great show, although you should have played longer! I hope you can get out to Ithaca NY at some point! Any idea when a new album will be released?? Can't wait! Take care, Erica Howard Nov 6, 2000 Rhonda Willis Re: NYC performance Carla: Just a quick not to tell you how great it was to see you this weekend. Your music has come so far in such a short time. Your sound, style, band, relationship with the audience - everything seems to be coming together. Whatever issues used to swirl around you, threatening to suck you into the evil vortex of self doubt, have vanished. There is a twinkle in your eye and an enthusiasm for life that is truly magnetic. I am glad to know someone like you and I love watching you fulfill your dreams. Can't wait to see you again. Rhonda Nov 4, 2000 Melissa Parrish Re: schedule Could you please send me an update of shows that you will be playing in the NH area in the near future? I'd love to be able to see your new band play. I think that you are extremely talented and you have one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. Thanks, Melissa Parrish Nov 3, 2000 Logan RE: ACK! I showed up at your show last night, only to find it was 21+!!! (I'm 18), but I got to hear a little, and , and you sound as good as the MH's ever were! I would like to see/hear you in actions for more than the time it takes to eat a pizza upstairs. Do you have any gigs planned soon, and if not, do you think you could slide one in that's 18+ instead? Logan Oct 3, 2000 Ken Krilla Re: Another good one Hey cr- Another fun time last night. It was really good to hear you live again and the new style some of the album songs took is really great. Ken Oct 3, 2000 Jodi Worlin Re: Thank you! Carla, Thank you so much! It was so kind and generous of you and your wonderful band to play at the Milky Way last night. I am sorry I didn't have a chance to stay and speak with you after you were finished playing, but we had a huge grant proposal due today. You guys ROCKED though! It really means so much to all of us a CMV that you are so committed to CMV. I can't wait to start selling your CD on the website! Again, thank you Carla. You are a great friend and wonderful supporter. Warmest regards, Jodi Oct 3, 2000 Randace Rauscher Re: Casa Myrna show at Milky Way You were so amazing last night. You have such stage presence. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you play again soon. Randace Oct 2, 2000 Jocelyn Roby Re: More shows in NH!!! Carla- I have your cd and think it's great! I think it might be stuck in my cd player forever. My roommates even know all the words now because I play it so much. Anyway, I was just wondering if you were planning on any more NH shows anytime soon. I saw you perform at Market Days in Concord this were great! I just saw the "new" Mudhens in Plymouth this weekend. They were good and all, but it made my friends and I nostalgic for you! Hope to see your name in big lights up here soon!! Jocelyn - a devoted PSC fan