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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has reviews of books, TV shows and movies. They rated Buffy TV's Number 1 Show last year (or something to that effect).

ew_cvr_1099.jpg 221k, Sarah on cover of Entertainment Weekly, 10/01/99, great cover!

cast_ew.jpg 157k, Whole 3rd season cast in pic from Entertainment Weekly, 10/01/99 pg 22

ew112897_cvr.jpg 222k, cover of Entertainment Weekly, 11/28/97, with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and Jada Pinkett

ew112897_cs.jpg 88k, closeup of Sarah only from above cover

tiara.jpg 82k, Sarah wearing a tiara and corset, Entertainment Weekly 99 Yearbook pg 3

ew3-12-99.jpg 84k, Sarah and Ryan in a Cruel Intentions scene, from pg 41 of Entertainment Weekly 3/12/99

ew-398-c.jpg Sarah on cover of Entertainment Weely 3/6/98 (#421)

ci-ew299.jpg42k, not an optimum pic of Sarah and Ryan in a scene from CI, from Entertainment Weely 2/12/99 pg 32

corset.jpg (REVISED): Sarah looking unbelievable in a corset (Entertainment Weekly, #464/465, 12/25 issue) The original picture also includes Jessica Biel, Keri Russell, all 3 "Charmed" witches, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams (thanks again Carl Hansen) 179k

corsets.jpg The original EW collage with all 8 Wb'ers, 228k

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