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Sarah was featured in the June 1999 Cosmo, here are the pictures.

cosmo-cvr.jpg 225k, Sarah on the cover of Cosmopolitan, June 1999 (on newstands now! $2.95 in USA and sure to become a collectors item, IMO)

cosmo-3.jpg 56k, closeup of Sarah's face on pg 14

cosmo-4.jpg 100k, also on page 14, same photosession as for cover

cosmo-bw1.jpg 105k, b/w of Sarah on page 159 of Cosmo 6/99

cosmo-bw1-c.jpg 90k, closeup from above shot of Sarah's beautiful face

cosmo-bw2.jpg 85k, b/w of Sarah on page 160 of Cosmo 6/99

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