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Candid Photos

Photos on ebay or other online auctions are, at best, hit-or-miss quality and EXPENSIVE! Why go there? All photos with numbers are struck from the ORIGINAL NEGATIVES (best kind!), and are available at Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency. Tell her Glenn sent you! She has 200 Gellar photos plus plenty of other stars.

These photos are all posted WITH SPECIAL PERMISSION from the Shooting Stars photographer. PLEASE DO NOT POST THESE NUMBERED SCANS ON YOUR WEBSITES as you may open yourself to liability, plus it wouldn't be nice to her to do that and abuse this privilege.

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432.jpg 76k, Sarah at the Teen Choice Awards. Stealing this photo to be illegally sold on ebay will result in your being sued.

leopard_candid.jpg 82k, candid photo of Sarah in leopard-skirt at the House of Yes Premiere, with Aaron Spelling (creator of 90210, Charlie's Angels) in the background

lace_top.jpg 84k, photo of Sarah outside studio at the time of Jay Leno appearance #1, September 1997, in lace top

candid_95.jpg 55k, rare candid photo from a 1995 charity function, signing autograph

sarah-mom99.jpg 51k, candid photo of Sarah with her mother at the same photo session as this Cult TV picture

192.jpg 48k, Closeup of Sarah and David touching noses at a YM Party (this guy is too lucky)

212.jpg 67k, Sarah with Seth Green at the premiere of Spice World (thanks M. Vampire of SMG Kingdom for the info)

330.jpg 92k, Sarah candid from same event as 338.jpg, black top, blue skirt

259.jpg 67k, Sarah with sunglasses and leather jacket at the premiere of Grease, March 1998

338.jpg 91k, candid photo of the beautiful Sarah in blue skirt, not sure of event

62.jpg 95k, candid photo of Sarah with Brittany Daniels, lately of Sweet Valley High, probably about 1992 (Swans Crossing era)

65.jpg 104k, taken 2 seconds after above shot

239.jpg 159k, candid photo of Sarah, Charisma and Alyson at the Museum of Television and Radio for an unknown event. This is probably my favorite photo so far.

276.jpg 69k, candid photo of Sarah at at the Blockbuster Awards

295.jpg 60k, another great one from Blockbuster Awards

352.jpg 67k, candid photo of Sarah at the premiere of Simply Irresistible (if anyone knows where & when this was, let me know)

343.jpg 70k, another from Simply Irresistible premiere

99.jpg 49k, candid photo of Sarah at the IKWYDLS premiere

186.jpg 67k, candid photo of Sarah at a YM Party, March '98

195.jpg 68k, candid photo with Dave Boreanaz, same event as above

264-c.jpg 101k, cropped landscape photo of Sarah at the Blockbuster Awards

22.jpg 80k, candid photo of Sarah and Charisma Carpenter looking gorgeous at the 1997 Technical Emmy Awards

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