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Candid Photos, Page 2

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(Click on Photos in the lefthand menu bar to get the entire Photo directory).

with-thor1.jpg 103k, Sarah with dog Thor on a cobblestone road, circa 1999

with-thor2.jpg 77k, 2nd photo of Sarah, with Thor in her arms, circa 1999

boysandgirls.jpg 42k, candid photo of Sarah and Freddie Prinze Jr. at the premiere of "Boys And Girls", June 2000

sarah_and_cher.jpg 60k, candid photo of Sarah with Cher at Divas 2000

divas_outtake.jpg 29k, another extremely candid Divas photo

ym_candid.jpg 60k, another candid photo of Sarah at the YM party from two years ago

backstage.jpg 122k, Sarah in candid photo, seemingly taken backstage

snl_anniv1.jpg 96k, candid of Sarah at the SNL 25th Anniversary

snl_anniv2.jpg 99k, second candid from above event

leopard_candid.jpg 82k, candid photo of Sarah in leopard-skirt at the House of Yes Premiere, with Aaron Spelling (creator of 90210, Charlie's Angels) in the background

lace_top.jpg 84k, photo of Sarah outside studio at the time of Jay Leno appearance #1, September 1997, in lace top

candid_95.jpg 55k, rare candid photo from a 1995 charity function, signing autograph

sarah-mom99.jpg 51k, candid photo of Sarah with someone who's NOT her mother (like I first believed; anyone know who it is?)

candid.jpg 106k, The site's first candid photo, from the Scream 2 Premiere (Thanks to Raven for the info)

(Click on Photos in the lefthand menu bar to get the entire Photo directory).