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This is the page to check after you've perused everything else. Some of the my earliest corrections are on here, and of course they're not as good as the newer ones.

popstar1.jpg Buffy shot from Pop Star Magazine Vol. 2 #5

smg-milk.jpg milk ad photo without text

smg-sits.jpg from In Style, seated on floor

xposedbk.jpg Back cover photo of X-Posed

kissing.jpg Kissing costar in Cruel Inventions (this was in bad shape but now it's sort of impressionist)

beach.jpg A pre-Buffy Sarah sitting in sand

sarah11.jpg TV guide photo shoot (thanks Raven for the info)

sarah14.jpg same TV guide photo shoot as above

smg-wmom.jpg Sarah with her mom, July '93

tgp-s.jpg - small version of Poster from Teen Girl Power (tgp-pstr.jpg - VERY large version 265k)

chains.jpg Buffy and Cordelia about to become worm food

usa-wknd.jpg from USA Weekend 10/24/98

fence.jpg by a fence in sunlight

fence2.jpg same session as above (both from Natural Living Today) (revised)

teen-s.jpg from Teen Magazine 11/98 (larger version: teen.jpg)

teen-c-s.jpg cropped closeup of cover, Teen Magazine 11/98

ikqueens.jpg 3 contestants in IKWYDLS

people.jpg cute brunette shot from People (smaller, revised)

tvg998-2.jpg from TV guide, 9/5-11/98

teen-cvr.jpg cover, Teen Magazine 11/98

august.jpg from calendar, same photo shoot as April

gold.jpg in gold jacket, also with DB(Angel)

card.jpg BTVS trading card

cruelinv.jpg Sarah enjoys an ice cream cone

crossbow.jpg buffy with crossbow in season 1 finale

woodsy.jpg promo pic of Buffy standing near ivy

night.jpg from Teen People, night shot

stake.jpg holding a stake, from cover of Spectrum #13

strawhat.jpg Sarah in straw hat around the time of AMC

buf-no-x.jpg Sarah with a headless Xander

scream2.jpg from a newspaper ad photo for Scream 2

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